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Can Vegetarian Diet Include Milk?

Milk Veg or Nonveg - Do vegetarian drink milk

“Are you veg or non-veg?” You must have encountered this question a number of times; or maybe during a party, a person just declaring “I am veg, won’t be eating meat.” It is only in India that McDonald’s will be opening a vegetarian only chain. Also, the recent Navratri saw Domino’s going to the all-vegetarian menu. Why do they do it? India contains more vegetarians than rest of the world combined. Have you wondered where does this vegetarianism roots lie? can vegetarian diet include milk?

Vegetarianism rose in India in early 500 B.C. when flesh-eating people saw Buddhism and Jainism who followed un-ahimsa(non-violence) towards animals and the practice is being followed even today.

One question that always arises is where do vegetarians get their proteins from, if not from meat? The answer is milk. Vegetarians consume milk for their protein and calcium requirements.

Milk comes from animals, mostly from cows but it does not include the flesh of the animal and thus is considered vegetarian. In India, it is mandatory that packaged product must show a green or red dot on their packages- green dot for a vegetarian product, red for non-vegetarian. Milk comes with a green dot which supports the fact that milk is vegetarian. Why is milk recommended for vegetarians?

Source of Protein:

Most people think that vegetarians miss out most of their protein by not eating meat. That isn’t true. Vegetarians fulfil their daily protein requirements by consuming milk. Milk is an excellent source of protein which helps to keep muscles, hair, bones and teeth healthy.

Source of Calcium:

Milk is also an excellent source of calcium and as you know calcium takes care of your bones.

Other Nutrients:

We have many articles which tell you which nutrients milk contain, but especially for vegetarians, these nutrients aids to gain a lean body increases energy levels provides bone-building nutrients and provides a healthy immune system.

So, plan your diet properly so that you don’t miss out on any nutrient. If you include milk you get enough calcium and protein in your diet.

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