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5 Great Tips To Make Paneer Soft At Home

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the taste of the softest paneer in their dishes?  The best way to make a nutritional product requires some efforts. The steps required to make soft paneer at home are: Heat milk in a pan. Pour any souring agent like curd, lemon juice or vinegar

How to Check Quality of Milk?

Ways to Check Quality of Milk at Home –

Today, the unorganised milk market is vast and still growing. Milk is the first thing, almost everyone in this country, consume in the morning. These loose products are very easy to adulterate. Generally, milk is adulterated with water or other chemicals like detergent, etc. In 2011, FSSAI conducted an extensive survey

Homogenized vs. Whole: Different or Same?

Difference in Homogenized Milk vs Whole Milk -

You may have heard or read these terms—Homogenised, Whole, skimmed, Pasteurised, many times while the supermarket shopping. What do these terms really mean? Staying ignorant while buying some products may lead to many problems, for example, you should always know whether to buy skimmed milk or whole milk or toned

Do You Really Need To Boil Milk?

Boiling Milk - Is Their Need to Boil Packed Milk on

Indians have an age old habit of boiling milk before consumption. As this country is the largest exporter of milk, the dairy produce is mainly raw milk.This milk needs to be boiled for killing the bacteria present in the milk. But what about the packaged products? Does packaged milk need

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