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Buttermilk or Curd: Which One is Heavier For Stomach?

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The summer is almost here. Choosing between the plethora of nutritional beverages is always a tough job and with every year, the alternatives just keep on increasing. This summer, try to take the traditional route by choosing dairy-based beverages, especially curd- tasty, nutritious and capable to keep you cool in summers. Today, we’ll have a look at which is heavier for the stomach in curd and buttermilk?


The curd is made by adding a small amount of lemon juice to milk. The milk is first heated and cooled up to 30℃. It can also be made by adding a spoonful of curd to the cooled milk. These substances contain edible acidic content. The curd is sour in taste. The lactic acid present in curd gives it the sour taste.

The nutritional content of curd includes calcium, vitamin, zinc, proteins, etc. Curd contains more amount of fat content compared to buttermilk and thus feels heavier in the stomach. Curd helps to cure intestinal infections and also reduces blood pressure. It helps to boost the immune system and aids digestion. The curd is also good for skin and hair.

You must also take precautions. Anything which is consumed within limits is good. But excessive consumption of curd can lead to obesity. Also, you should avoid curd if are experiencing a loss of appetite, as it makes you feel full for a longer time. You should also avoid curd when suffering from fever.


The process of making buttermilk is quite simple. The curd is diluted with water and churned for some time. This separates the liquid and fats. The liquid we obtain after churning is buttermilk. Buttermilk, like curd, also tastes sour but with a tangy taste. Various spices can be added to curd before consumption to improve its taste.

Buttermilk contains calcium, vitamin, phosphorus, proteins, potassium, etc. The fats are removed from curd while making buttermilk and thus this beverage is lighter to the stomach. Buttermilk helps to reduce unwanted fats and cure indigestion. It also boosts the immunity system and reduces body heat. Like curd, buttermilk is also extremely good for hair and skin.

Although buttermilk has all these benefits, there is a limit to the consumption. It should not be consumed in extremely hot seasons. Also, you should avoid buttermilk if you have just recovered from a long illness.

So, remember to include one of them in your daily diet to get your daily nutrition dose.

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