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Buttermilk or Curd: Which One is Heavier For Stomach?

Is Curd Better - Butter Milk Better than on MilkandMore.Com

The summer is almost here. Choosing between the plethora of nutritional beverages is always a tough job and with every year, the alternatives just keep on increasing. This summer, try to take the traditional route by choosing dairy-based beverages, especially curd- tasty, nutritious and capable to keep you cool in

Curd vs Yogurt: Are The Two Really The Same?

How Curd and Yogurt are Different - Milk and More

Have you spent your entire life thinking that yogurt is just foreign curd? What is difference between curd and yogurt ? Are they really the same thing? The answer is a big NO! Although the core ingredient is the same and both are created by fermenting, the process of making

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