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Should Your Toddler Switch to Low Fat Milk?

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Nurturing a kid is a difficult task, but taking care of their eating habits is tougher. We at MilkandMore understand that feeding all the right nutrients, daily, to your little one is the most important thing for you. Read here about should your toddler switch to low-fat milk or not?

The early years are the make or break in life. The ideal nutrients promote healthy growth and development of infants. An essential thing is a milk. After a child turns 1 and gets off breastfeeding, the most important question is ‘ which milk should you choose for your toddler ?’ With a plethora of brands available in the market, which brand or type should you go for?

In the early years of a child, fat plays a major role in the development of bones and brain. Thus whole fat milk until the child turns 2 is extremely important. The full-fat milk aids the growth and development of the body. But after they turn 2, most babies do not need the excessive fats. Yet the consumption of low-fat milk or whole really depends on the overall nutrients they consume. If your child has an overall balanced diet, then switching to low-fat milk is just fine but if he or she is a picky eater then you can surely continue feeding them whole fat milk.

Taking all this into consideration, you must first observe the eating habits of your little one and then decide if you want to switch from whole milk to low-fat milk. As we have already mentioned, the perfect amount of fats and calories are required by the child for his or her development. “Feed your toddler right fat and not a low-fat diet,” says Dr Sears, American paediatrician and the author or co-author of more than 30 parenting books[1]. If your toddler suddenly switches to low-fat milk, you must also add healthy fats to your baby’s diet.

Also, remember- healthy parents make healthy children. So, eat right, stay fit and keep your child healthy.

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