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The Perfect Refreshers: Lassi and Chaas

The craving for something sweet and cold after the lunch hours in the office is a normal thing. Most people go for carbonated cold drinks to satisfy this craving. These drinks contain a lot of sugars which are harmful to the human body. Instead of this, all the office goers

5 Magical Recipes which can be made using Amul Paneer

  Paneer is like one vegetarian superfood. It is extremely beneficial for human body and gives it various nutrients like calcium, protein, vitamin, etc. Amul paneer is one popular product in the market and there are various reasons for it like the taste, quality, etc. Here are 10 unique Amul paneer

5 Great Tips To Make Paneer Soft At Home

Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the taste of the softest paneer in their dishes?  The best way to make a nutritional product requires some efforts. The steps required to make soft paneer at home are: Heat milk in a pan. Pour any souring agent like curd, lemon juice or vinegar

7 Healthy reasons why you should add paneer to your diet

Paneer, as it is made from milk, contains many nutrients and thus has multiple benefits. Different paneer recipes require different forms such as crushed, diced, cubes, blocks, etc. Much like potato, it tastes good in all types whether fried, sauteed, grilled, etc. what’s more? It’s good for fitness. Let’s take

How can you carry milk while travelling?

Travelling long distances with your little ones can be tiresome. Small children can feel hunger pangs on a very untimely basis. Giving them something to eat each and every time can have an effect on their health. Every mother wants to provide her child with milk every time he/she is

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