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Low Fat Milk vs Whole Milk

What is Whole Milk vs Low fat Milk Know More On

Milk has been consumed for centuries now. Earlier, the milk consumed by humans was raw milk. Raw milk is freshly milked from cows and consumed without undergoing any process. It contains harmful bacteria and thus, causes many problems after consumption. Taking this into consideration, milk started to undergo certain processes.

Buttermilk or Curd: Which One is Heavier For Stomach?

Is Curd Better - Butter Milk Better than on MilkandMore.Com

The summer is almost here. Choosing between the plethora of nutritional beverages is always a tough job and with every year, the alternatives just keep on increasing. This summer, try to take the traditional route by choosing dairy-based beverages, especially curd- tasty, nutritious and capable to keep you cool in

Boiling Milk or The Nutrients In It?

Boiling Milk - Boiling Milk with Nutrients Learn on

India is ranked first in the consumption of milk. It also is a leading exporter of the beverage. Despite these facts, the consumers in this country are pretty ignorant about the most important daily nutrition source- dairy products. The basic information like how many times to boil milk or whether

Cold Milk vs. Hot Milk: Which has More Calories?

Calories in Milk - Know Which Milk has more Calories

Today, people want to consume the perfect nutrition every day. Many people count calories they consume every day. Whether milk should be consumed hot or cold is a big question. Do you know milk with more calories? Does the calorie content really differ? You should always have control over the calories

Importance of Milk in Our Diet

Importance of Milk in our Diet

“Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence. All parts are interconnected” This has been quoted by T. Colin Campbell, an American Biochemist who specialises in the effect of nutrition on long-term health. Our daily diet should consist of various nutrients like calories, proteins, vitamins, fats, etc. You receive

Branded Milk vs Milk By Milkmen: Which is better?

Packaged milk or fresh milk -

 The Father of White Revolution, Dr Varghese Kurien, started operation flood in 1970 with a mission of making dairy farming India’s largest self-sustaining industry. It was his laudable efforts which made a milk-deficient nation, world’s largest milk producer. But he would have never thought that after all his efforts, the

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