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5 Benefits Of Full Cream Milk and How You Can Use It To Gain Weight

Milk is the primary source of many nutrients. The dairy beverage is highly recommended to children for a healthy growth. In recent years, many entrants are bringing in variants of milk like toned, full cream, double toned and skimmed. You have to pick the right variant in order to gain the right nutrients.

Let’s understand what exactly is full cream milk and how is it different from others:

Full Cream Milk:

Full cream milk is also known as whole or full-fat milk. It is milked and then homogenised and pasteurised. Homogenisation helps to homogenise or mix the fat molecules with the milk so that the fat layer is not formed on the top even if it left in any vessel for a long time. On the other hand, pasteurisation includes boiling the beverage at a very high temperature, thus killing all the bacteria present in it.

The full cream variant includes 6.5% of fat content. It does not go through any process which lowers this content while the other variants do. This keeps it creamier and full of flavour.


Advantages of Full Cream Milk ( milk to gain weight)

  • High in Minerals:

This variant has a high calcium and other mineral content. It contains many minerals such as selenium, potassium and phosphorus. Full cream milk provides a human body with 30% of the calcium requirement through the day. It also contains some amount of zinc, magnesium and phosphorous.


  • High Vitamin Content:

The full cream beverage contains Vitamin B12 which helps to maintain the heart health. This product gives you more vitamins than most of the fruit juices. One cup of milk provides you with 5% of the recommended vitamin in a single day.


  • High Protein Content:

One cup of whole milk contains 8g of protein. It helps to build muscles faster that the non-dairy alternatives because of all the amino acids present in it.


  • High-Fat Content:

The high-fat content is extremely beneficial for infants, teenagers and bodybuilders as it helps to gain weight. One cup provides around 8g of fats. The fats in the beverage are extremely beneficial for small children for the development of brains and muscles.


  • Other Benefits:

Studies suggest that whole milk consumers have a lower risk of hypertension and bowel cancer. It also strengthens bones and teeth and is extremely important for gaining muscle mass.


So, now you know! Whole milk is extremely beneficial for human body. Children between 3-12 years of age should consume 3 glasses of milk per day. Adults can consume up to 2 glasses of it every day.

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