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Tetra Pack Is Good Or Bad For You?


Tetra pack milk has emerged as a competitor for fresh milk. Adulteration in regular milk is rampant nowadays, hence tetra pack offers you the surety of milk purity. Whereas on another hand, fresh milk is a complete source of vitamins and it’s an unprocessed milk. There is always a controversy going on whether tetra pack is good or bad? Where can you buy Tetra pack?

The Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has confirmed that 70 % of the milk available in the country is adulterated with detergent, glucose and skim milk powder. Hence, though we consume milk for its protein and vitamin which may be retained post boiling too, tetra pack is an ideal option for packaged milk as it abolishes the chances of adulteration due to its absolutely hygienic process and packaging methods.

Tetra pack can be used as a substitute for fresh milk. With rampant adulteration and microbial contamination of milk causing varied health risks, the use of aseptic packaging is a boon for the white revolution. Using either UHT (ultra high temperatures) or HTST (high-temperature short time), the milk is heated on a prescribed high temperature for only a few seconds and then cooled down and immediately packed in tetra paks.

This not only prevents entry of any microbes but also assist to retain the nutritional strength of the packaged product. Once you open the tetra pack, refrigerate it and consume the milk within two to five days.

There are several myths about tetra pack –

1.Tetra pack products are not nutritious.

2. It is not suitable for children.

3. Tetra pack milk needs to be boiled.

But, none of these is true or based on fact. Heating milk at a high temperature for a short period of time prevents loss of nutrients. Boiling milk for long period to kill all microbes may satisfy you about its purity but in reality, it decreases the nutrition value. You can drink tetra pack milk directly or warm it slightly. Due to hygienic packaging, tetra pack is absolutely safe and beneficial for children.

Tetra pack offers you the longer storage capacity. One can keep on using milk from tetra pack for 90 days. The aseptic packaging technology is Tetra Pak’s key innovation and has to a large extent paved the way for the Tetra Pak system’s success. Tetra Pak provides processing solutions that begin right from the extraction of milk from udders of the cow into a vacuum drum on a truck/ van through pipes and which then goes directly to the packaging and processing units at the Tetra Pak facility.

You can buy tetra pack products of the various brand. Amul, Mahanand, Chitale, Nutoras etc. are some of the options available for you to purchase delicious tetra pack milk. However, buying milk products from store includes risk. Because there are chances of unhygienic handling while packaging or even the retailers are not aware of where to store them and at what temperature?  Thus buying the milk products online has become a trend nowadays. They offer you the best facilities in terms of purification and hygiene. There are fewer chances of adulteration.


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