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Ghee vs. Butter : Which is Better?

Ghee vs Butter - Which is Better According to Milk and More

“Oh My God! Ghee? Butter is better!” Is it? Aren’t both dairy products? Do you really know the difference between Ghee and Butter? Basically, butter and ghee are both made from milk solids, but the process of making the two is different: Ghee Around the world, ghee is better known as clarified butter.

Curd vs Yogurt: Are The Two Really The Same?

How Curd and Yogurt are Different - Milk and More

Have you spent your entire life thinking that yogurt is just foreign curd? What is difference between curd and yogurt ? Are they really the same thing? The answer is a big NO! Although the core ingredient is the same and both are created by fermenting, the process of making

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