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Curd vs Yogurt: Are The Two Really The Same?

How Curd and Yogurt are Different - Milk and More

Have you spent your entire life thinking that yogurt is just foreign curd? What is difference between curd and yogurt ? Are they really the same thing? The answer is a big NO!

Although the core ingredient is the same and both are created by fermenting, the process of making the two is absolutely different. Also the other attributes like the nutrient content, advantages are different for both.

How to make them?

The core ingredient to make curd is obviously milk. Boil the milk and cool it down to 30℃. Then add lemon juice or vinegar. You may also add a spoonful of curd. These substances contain edible acidic contents like lactic acid bacteria which is also known as Lactobacillus. This causes the curdled milk to separate into the liquid part which is whey and the solid part which is the curd. The whey contains whey proteins of the milk whereas the curd contains milk proteins. Once the curd is separated it can be eaten as it is, or flavoured with sugar, salt or any other flavours.

Yoghurt is also made by fermenting milk, but the fermentation is done by a specific set of bacteria known as ‘Yogurt Cultures”. This contains two strains of bacteria- ‘lactobacillus bulgaris’ and ‘streptococcus thermophilous’. The addition of these bacterias ensures the right quality of the yoghurt as it makes the product homogenized. Yoghurt can also be enriched with various flavours.

Nutritional Advantage

The curd is very nutritious for health. It contains ideal amounts of vitamins, proteins, riboflavin, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, etc. It also has healthy contents of probiotics. Yoghurt is also healthy for the body. It contains calcium, phosphorous, protein, zinc, vitamin, iodine, etc. Also, people who have lactose allergies can consume yoghurts as it prevents the allergies caused by the lactose. It also helps to improve your immune system.

With advantages also comes the disadvantages. Sweetened curd and yoghurt can add to weight gain. Thus the people who are dieting should limit the consumption of these.

Now you know! Curd and yoghurt are not really the same and also serve different purposes. Know your dairy! Eat healthy, stay fit!

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