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The Perfect Refreshers: Lassi and Chaas

The craving for something sweet and cold after the lunch hours in the office is a normal thing. Most people go for carbonated cold drinks to satisfy this craving. These drinks contain a lot of sugars which are harmful to the human body. Instead of this, all the office goers can switch to the traditional way. The perfect refreshers after the lunchtime are lassi and chaas. There are a few reasons why you should choose these beverages.


Generally, office employees after having their lunch go down to their nearest shops and buy cold drinks to get refreshed. But now, with new online dairies coming up, you don’t have to walk down even to your nearest shop to buy something which is not good for your health. Rather you can order the ones which are good for your health, like lassi and chaas and get it delivered to your office.


When you opt to buy these products online, you get great discounts on the reputed online dairies. You can also buy these beverages in bulk, keep it in your home and carry one with you every day or you can also keep the bulk pack in your office. You just have to take care to keep it away from the sunlight and store it in a cool and dry place.


Generally, office employees drink carbonated drinks after their meals. If you switch to lassi or chaas you can also get great health benefits. These beverages help to wash down all the oily food that is lined up on the inside walls of the stomach. This rejuvenates your body and keeps you from feeling lazy during the work hours. The caffeine content in the carbonated drinks is high and thus increases your anxiety. But in a few days, you develop a habit of the consumption of caffeine, this caffeine in an excessive amount is termed unhealthy for the body.
Lassi and chaas provide various nutrients to keep you fit. So instead of drinking all the carbonated drinks, it is extremely beneficial to consume these dairy beverages.

So, why stick to cold drinks? Just switch your ‘after lunch’ drinks to gain all these benefits.

Amol Ghodke
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