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Organic or Non-Organic: Which is Better for Your Toddler?

Every mother wants to give the perfect quality food to her child. The question of which kind of milk should a toddler consume is prevailing for a long time now. Let’s take a look at what exactly organic and non-organic milk mean.

Difference between organic and non-organic milk:

Non-organic milk is the regular milk. Dairy farmers have started using pesticides and chemical fertiliser for getting more fodder for cows. Whereas, the cows are injected with hormones and antibiotics to get more yield of milk from them. Because of this, the cow may be able to give more milk but would get exhausted rapidly which can affect the lifespan of the animal to decrease it. The milk obtained from these cows might contain certain chemicals or harmful bacteria.

On the other hand, organic milk is the milk from cows who have been fed with naturally grown fodder. These cows are not given any hormones or antibiotics. This is safe for cows as well as the milk obtained from these animals is safe for human body.  


Organic milk benefits for toddlers:


As we just mentioned, that organic milk is safer as compared to the non-organic one. As it does not contain any chemical, it is safe for toddlers to consume this variant.



Organic milk is enriched with vitamin A and D. These nutrients are extremely important for eyesight and for the absorption of calcium in the body. Full fat organic milk is beneficial for toddlers. The fat content in the milk helps to develop the brain and muscles of children.


Promotes healthy growth:

Organic milk contains Omega3. Omega3 protects toddlers from inflammation and maintains heart health.


Provides antioxidants:

The various antioxidants present in organic milk are good for maintaining eye health and also protects the body part from UV rays.


Does not promote weight gain:

This beverage also contains CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid). This component does not let abdominal fat to get saturated. It increases metabolism and gives immunity against certain diseases.


So, you might consider switching to organic milk for your toddler, but you should also take care of the ways to handle milk. If you buy pasteurised milk, it is not supposed to be boiled as it has already undergone a high temperature. There are many such ways to handle milk properly. Do give it a read on other articles.

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