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How can you carry milk while travelling?

Travelling long distances with your little ones can be tiresome. Small children can feel hunger pangs on a very untimely basis. Giving them something to eat each and every time can have an effect on their health. Every mother wants to provide her child with milk every time he/she is hungry. However, carrying milk while travelling is difficult.

Milk is extremely beneficial for your little ones, but it is a perishable product which hardly takes any time to get spoiled once out of the refrigerator. So here we are, to tell you how to carry milk while travelling.


Small quantity tetra packs:

Opting for long life milk is an option in front of you. Fresh milk can be consumed only for 3 or 4 days, but long life milk is packed in tetra paks. Because of the packing, the beverage inside it remains fresh for almost 6 months if kept unopened. But while travelling, once you open the pack, you cannot store it your bag again.

Reputed brands have addressed this problem. Thus, brands like Amul have launched 250 and 200 ml Tetra Paks. You can get homogenised milk as well as the lactose-free milk in the smaller tetra paks. These packs are small to fit in your bag. These quantities are easier to consume and thus you do not have to take the efforts of keeping opened packets again in your bag. These Tetra Paks are just like any other juice packs.


Milk powders:

One easier method to carry milk while travelling is to carry milk powders. Milk powders are created by evaporating the liquid content of milk. After the evaporation process, the solids that remain is the milk powder. The main purpose of drying up the beverage is that it increases the shelf life of it.

Milk powder is also very easy to carry while travelling. You just have to add it to tea or coffee if you want a hot beverage or to water to enjoy the taste of milk. So whenever your child says that they are hungry, you can just mix some powder with water and give it to them. The nutrients are almost same as that in the milk


So, these were the tips to easily carry milk with you while travelling. You also have to ensure that the products stay in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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