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Whole Milk for Weight Gain?

Whole Milk – Type of Milk to Gain Weight

Eating a lot or eating whatever you can isn’t really the solution for weight gain. Whether gain or loss- one thing that surely, always work is a perfect diet. One’s diet should always contain the recommended amount of nutrients like proteins, calcium, sugar, vitamin, etc. You get these nutrients by eating fresh vegetables, fruits, but the most important source is—Milk. Aiming for weight gain? You should surely go for whole milk. Let’s look at how important is whole milk for weight gain.

Why whole milk?

Data of Milk Nutrients

Let us analyse whole milk compared to skim milk. One needs to consume calories to gain weight. Skim milk contains 83 calories; whereas whole milk contains 148 calories. Also fat content in both varies a lot. Whole milk also releases a growth hormone and thus induces weight gain.

If we assume that you have to gain 1 pound in one week, you will need 1600 calories approximately. So, if we divide these 1600 calories by 7 days it comes to around 230 calories per day i.e. 2 cups of milk per day[1]. So if you are consuming two cups of whole milk per day, then you will probably end up gaining one pound at the end of the week.

But just consuming milk is not enough. You have to supplement milk with a proper diet. Calorie intake should also be done by food.


Whole milk, as well as low-fat milk, contains Proteins. The protein content is 8 grams per cup. It provides all the essential amino acids. Men need 56 grams of dietary protein and women need 46 grams of protein daily. Older people generally need more protein.( source: )

Whole milk is generally used for baking purposes because of the excessive fat content. It is also packed with many other nutrients like vitamins, riboflavin, phosphorus, etc.


To gain weight have a habit of consuming milk at night. Although generally, the time of milk consumption does not really relate to weight gain or loss, it is really the habits which induce gain or loss. If you have a habit of exercising or taking a long walk after consumption of milk, it wouldn’t affect so much. But if you have a habit of going to bed straight after the consumption, you are likely to gain weight.

So, don’t miss out on your daily dose of calcium and calories. Keep gaining and always take care of your body because- you take care of it today, it will take care of you tomorrow.

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