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Branded Milk vs Milk By Milkmen: Which is better?

Packaged milk or fresh milk -

 The Father of White Revolution, Dr Varghese Kurien, started operation flood in 1970 with a mission of making dairy farming India’s largest self-sustaining industry. It was his laudable efforts which made a milk-deficient nation, world’s largest milk producer. But he would have never thought that after all his efforts, the

Milk, Injurious to Health?

Milk Pros and Corns - Know Is Milk Injurious to Health on

This country, which is the largest consumer of milk, is questioning the health benefits of it. Milk has been consumed for centuries now and has been considered as the primary source of calcium and energy. Mothers have been feeding it to their children to boost growth. But what, suddenly, what

Storing Milk at Room Temperature

Ways to Preserve Milk - Store Milk at Room Temperature

There were times when refrigerators didn’t exist, but milk was consumed even then. Refrigerators have really made man’s life easy. You can store anything you want in it and it extends the product’s life. So, how did people, earlier, managed to store a perishable product like milk? Even now, if

Cheeses Low in Lactose

Types of Lactose Free Cheese - Low Lactose Dairy Product

The taste of cheese can be quite addictive. But being lactose intolerant can make you miss on the nutrients and also the taste of cheese. There are a lot of nutrients in cheese you may miss due to the intolerance. Do you know there are cheeses which are low in

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