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Milk, Injurious to Health?

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This country, which is the largest consumer of milk, is questioning the health benefits of it. Milk has been consumed for centuries now and has been considered as the primary source of calcium and energy. Mothers have been feeding it to their children to boost growth. But what, suddenly, what went wrong? Why did this country suddenly start doubting centuries-old belief? Is it really true? Or they have forgotten the advantages of milk?

What does milk actually contain?

“About 30 to 35% of your diet should consist of protein. This could be in the form of pulses, milk, leafy greens, eggs, white meat or sprouts,” says Wellness and nutritionist expert Shikha Sharma.

Potassium is also a milk content. Potassium is important for proper function of cells, tissues, and organs in human body. It helps in reduction in the formation of kidney stones. Potassium also reduces the chances of strokes and high blood pressure.

Milk contains calcium. Calcium develops and strengthens the bones and teeth. It also helps the heart, nerves, and muscles to work properly. Milk helps to maintain normal blood pressure and muscle contractions.

Milk also contains vitamins, especially vitamin D. It helps to absorb calcium and promotes bone growth. Deficiency of vitamin can cause the formation of soft bones in children and misshapen bones in adults. This is why children are recommended to drink milk.

Another nutrient in milk is choline. Choline helps in memory development and also reduces the risk of heart diseases. It is anti-inflammatory in nature. Choline is also proved to lessen the risk of breast cancer.[1]

Advantages of milk 

“Add a fruit to milk and cereal, and sprouts plus veggies to your poha, you have all these food groups covered,” Says Nutritionist Pooja Makhija

As mentioned earlier, milk contains calcium. Thus bones and teeth are strengthened by milk. Milk also takes care of our brain health as it contains choline. It also helps to maintain normal blood pressure and helps to fight depression. Milk is very helpful for Muscle building and weight loss. This is why people who regularly go to the gym, include milk in their diet. Milk also helps in achieving a glowing skin.

According to a study led by Dr Mark Houston, director of the Hypertension Institute at St. Thomas Hospital in Tennessee- Increasing potassium intake and decreasing sodium can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Milk is only harmful to you if you are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerance is when people are allergic to the naturally occurring sugars in milk. But now, various milk companies have also come with lactose-free milk. This milk is specially designed for lactose intolerant people so that they do not miss out on their dairy nutrients.

You should always take small precautions while consuming dairy products. There are some milkmen or retailers who adulterate your dairy products. Always beware of these. You should always buy from trusted sources and take a look at the precautions on the packs. If you are unaware of trusted sources you can always check out

So, never doubt the century-old belief. Milk still gives you nutrition and helps your body in ways you never knew of.

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