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Organic or Non-Organic: Which is Better for Your Toddler?

Every mother wants to give the perfect quality food to her child. The question of which kind of milk should a toddler consume is prevailing for a long time now. Let’s take a look at what exactly organic and non-organic milk mean. Difference between organic and non-organic milk: Non-organic milk is the

5 things you should definitely know about Lactose Free milk

Ever heard about lactose free milk? What exactly is it? You can miss out on some pretty serious nutrients if you are intolerant to lactose. In short, lactose is a sugar which is found in almost all milk products. An enzyme called lactase should be present in the human body

Low Fat Milk vs Whole Milk

What is Whole Milk vs Low fat Milk Know More On

Milk has been consumed for centuries now. Earlier, the milk consumed by humans was raw milk. Raw milk is freshly milked from cows and consumed without undergoing any process. It contains harmful bacteria and thus, causes many problems after consumption. Taking this into consideration, milk started to undergo certain processes.

How to Check Quality of Milk?

Ways to Check Quality of Milk at Home –

Today, the unorganised milk market is vast and still growing. Milk is the first thing, almost everyone in this country, consume in the morning. These loose products are very easy to adulterate. Generally, milk is adulterated with water or other chemicals like detergent, etc. In 2011, FSSAI conducted an extensive survey

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